Domestic Distress

Sheen's Wife's Chilling Knife Story

A police affidavit released Monday confirmed TMZ's report that Charlie Sheen used a knife to threaten wife Brooke Mueller at a home in Aspen, Colorado. Mueller told a police officer that after telling Sheen she wanted a divorce, he grabbed her neck and held a medium-sized folding knife to her throat while saying, "You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I'll kill you." Sheen was later taken to jail for second-degree assault—not the first time he was involved in a domestic-violence dispute—and although he was released on $8,500 bond late Christmas night, prosecutors will not decide his charges until his next court appearance February 8. Threatening a woman may not be unheard of for Sheen, but the actor still claims he did not push or strike her, and that her alleged alcohol problem is a likely explanation for her remarks to the police.