The Daily Pic

Sheila Hicks at Sikkema Jenkins Gallery is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: Sheila Hicks spins a great yarn.

I'm just old enough to remember a brief-ish moment in the seventies when weavings, of one kind or another, seemed to be taking their place as serious contemporary art – and a lot of that was thanks to an art-trained weaver and sculptor named Sheila Hicks. She's now getting her first show at the "serious" Sikkema Jenkins gallery in Chelsea, and it seems to signal a moment where the art world is ready to turn back to "craft" such as hers. Her giant hangings and textiles are fabulous things, but I'm particularly fond of her "Minimes", such as the two shown here. Hicks travels with a tiny loom, the way other artists carry a sketchbook or point-and-shoot camera. The "Minimes" are her drawings, and have all the freshness and variety of casual jottings.

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