Olympic Snub

Should Obama Have Stayed Home?

While President Obama is playing the good sport about Chicago's defeat to host the Olympics, the high-profile failure has left him open to attack at a time when he is trying to shore up support for his health-care overhaul. The Republican National Committee said Obama should be focusing on more pressing priorities at home, while Rush Limbaugh called Friday the "worst day" of Obama's presidency. Some conservative commentators have even expressed glee that Chicago lost its bid. An analysis by the Associated Press says the "high-profile failure" could be seen as emblematic should Obama not achieve his goals on larger issues such as health-care reform and climate change. Of course, if Obama does in fact fulfill his more ambitious goals, the Olympic snub will likely be seen as nothing more than a minor bump in the road. White House adviser David Axelrod said the decision was not a “repudiation” of either Obama or the first lady.