Singer Joy Villa Files Sex-Assault Complaint Against Corey Lewandowski

Singer and Trump supporter Joy Villa said she filed a sexual-assault complaint against Corey Lewandowski, the firebrand former campaign manager for President Trump. Villa told the Associated Press that Lewandowski hit her twice on the buttocks “extremely hard” after she told him to stop. The alleged incident happened at an event in Washington, D.C. in November. She told the AP she will meet with Washington’s Metropolitan Police next week about the complaint, which she says she filed Sunday. “I didn’t know him at all,” Villa said about Lewandowski, calling the interaction “disgusting and shocking and demeaning.” In March 2016, Lewandowski was charged with misdemeanor battery over an altercation with former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. Though the charges were later dropped, Lewandowski was fired from the campaign in June 2016.