Six Dead in Dutch Mall Shooting

A machine gun-wielding man opened fire at a crowded shopping mall outside Amsterdam on Saturday, killing six people and wounding 11 others, according to Dutch officials. The shooting occurred at the Ridderhof mall in Alphen aan den Rijn, according to Mayor Bas Eenhoorn, and four of the wounded were in critical condition, five were in serious condition, and two were only slightly wounded. The attacker fatally shot himself after the melee. “You hear about this sort of thing happening at American schools and you think that's a long way away," said Rob Kuipers, 50, a project manager. "Now it's happened here in the Netherlands." According to eyewitnesses, the shooting went on for several minutes, and while investigators are still trying to determine his identity, the man reportedly had long blond hair, appeared to be about 25 years old, and was sporting a leather jacket with camouflage pants. Shootings are very rare in the Netherlands, with only a handful of them occurring in the past decade.