Six Dead in Two Arizona Plane Crashes

A total of six people were killed Sunday in two separate plane crashes in Arizona. Four people were killed in a crash near the city of Sedona. Information about the victims has not yet been released to the public. Local firefighters were initially unable to spot the wreckage, only the smoke and fire resulting from the crash. However, they eventually located “a downed single-engine plane with four fatalities.” The crash sparked a 25-acre fire in the Fay Canyon area of the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness. As of 7 p.m. local time Sunday, authorities said the fire was zero-percent contained. Later on Sunday, a smaller plane crashed in northern Arizona’s Mohave County near the Utah border, resulting in the death of two people. The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane went down “under unknown circumstances.” Both crashes will be investigated by the FAA and National Transportation Safety Board.