Six Most Awkward Moments From Anthony Weiner's Press Conference

Facing the press on Monday, Anthony Weiner confessed to sending a lewd photo from his Twitter account and sexting with numerous women. From his tearful apology to his disclosures about seeking therapy and having his press conference hijacked by Andrew Breitbart, WATCH VIDEO of six awkward moments from Weinergate’s big reveal.

Mea Culpa!

Days after Weiner went on a media blitz to deny intentionally sending a lewd picture to a 21-year-old in Seattle, he held a press conference after conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart revealed that he had more explicit photos of the New York representative. The conference was a departure from his previous interviews about the scandal dubbed Weinergate, void of any grade-school last name zingers—and Weiner became choked up when apologizing to his wife and staff.

Weiner Fesses Up

The congressman said he wanted to come clean by telling reporters everything, and he subsequently divulged a few gems about his sexy social media habits. Among them was his confession that he contacted six women both before and during his marriage to Huma Abedin and that he conducted his racy correspondence from his own computer. We’re betting the people he “cares about the most” won’t be touching the keyboard any time soon.

The X-Rated Photo in Question

Say it isn't so: The pictures released of Weiner went beyond the world's most controversial pair of gray underpants. Among them were shirtless photos of the congressman and one unreleased photo purported to be far more scandalous than the others. When asked about the unreleased X-rated picture, Weiner did not deny its existence. "Can you say that is not true?" asked a reporter. "No, I cannot," Weiner responded.

Time for a Shrink?

If rehab is the best way to get back into the public’s good graces, maybe therapy is second best. Asked how he planned on moving forward after the scandal, Weiner said he was considering “seeing someone,” adding, “this is not something that can be treated away.” Is there a cure for sexting?

Breitbart Crashes Weiner’s Presser

Breitbart certainly seems to be enjoying Weinergate. Prior to Weiner’s arrival at his own press conference, the conservative commentator stepped on stage and took questions from reporters. “I’ve seen a lot of this congressman’s body and he’s in very good shape,” he said. Breitbart was the first to bring attention to Weiner’s lewd photos last week and said Monday he would not reveal an even racier picture for the benefit of Weiner’s family. How considerate.

How Old Were the Women?

The plot thickens: Among the more cringe-worthy questions put to the congressman was one about the ages of the women with whom he exchanged messages. Weiner said that based on the information the women provided on their social media accounts, he did not think any were underage. “They were all adults, at least to the best of my knowledge… Some could have theoretically been fibbing about it,” he said.