Six Mt. Rainier Climbers Presumed Dead

On Saturday, Mount Rainier park officials announced that six missing climbers are feared dead. The group, which consisted of two guides and four clients, is believed to have fallen 3,300 feet along the steep north slope of the Washington State mountain. They were last heard from on Wednesday and were expected to return Friday. Park Rangers and helicopters proceeded to search the mountain, and experts say the group's route, Liberty Ridge, is prone to slides and has continuous rock and ice fall. Officials do not know what could have caused the fall, but avalanches occur in the area and snow slopes are known to give way. With the climbers all presumed dead, this is the most lethal accident for Mount Rainier since 11 climbers died in an avalanche in 1981. Mount Rainier superintendent Randy King said on Saturday, “This accident represents a horrific loss for our guide partners and the families and loved ones of every one of the climbers lost on the mountain.”