Money Money Money

Slamming of Pippa Continues

Whilst Pippa Middleton’s new gig writing a column for a supermarket magazine isn’t exactly on a par with stacking shelves, it’s still causing a certain amount of head scratching in the UK.

The most prominent question, of course, is couldn’t she have done any better than Waitrose? I mean, they sell nice olives and everything and Tony Blair shops there, but surely Tatler would have loved to have her on board. It can’t really be about the money, can it?

Maybe it is. At least she’s doing better than her brother James whose cake-making business lost £17,000 last year.

He owes creditors £32,575 and public accounts state: “The bank overdraft is secured by a member of the director's family.”

Jan Moir – the Daily Mail’s chief hit woman, and not a noted Pippa fan, has penned a particularly mean and brilliant column on Pippa’s new job which concludes:

“How much more can we take? The hard-working, budget-stretched, economically battered, horsemeat-eating hordes just might find that being lectured on the finer points of table placement and party nibbles by 29-year-old Miss Middleton is one indignity too far.”