Slight Revision on Immigration

I revise my immigration stance from "I'll believe it when I see it" to "It's starting to look as if something might actually happen."

I've been firmly in the "I'll believe it when I see it camp," as I've written many times. Two developments over the weekend force a slight upward revision in my assessment.

1. Business and labor came to terms on the guest-worker question. It creates a new visa category, a W visa, for non-farm temporary workers in areas like janitorial services, construction, retail. It will start in 2015 at 20,000 per year and increase from there. Labor seems very happy.

2. There's apparently been movement in the House toward agreement in principle. Senators working on the issue dominated the Sunday shows yesterday, so you know that the Senate is getting there. But Politico reports this morning that the House is too.

Marco Rubio jumped out after someone leaked news of the business-labor deal to say hey wait a minute here, but that's just because he needs to be seen (for his own 2016-related purposes) as running this show. Thus begins the rush to get credit for this, which will be a comical thing to watch as the next weeks and months unfold.

And with that, I am headed to the airport. I'm going to NY to be on Alex Wagner's show at noon, guest-hosted today by Joy Reid, so tune in if you can. A column will be posted as normal tomorrow morning.