SNL Bids Farewell to the Trump Administration

The cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ ended its record-breaking 42nd season with another rendition of the late Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.”


On November 12th, just a few days after Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump—and in the wake of legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen’s passing—Saturday Night Live aired a sketch wherein Kate McKinnon, without question the most gifted cast member of SNL, performed a heartrending rendition of “Hallelujah” on the piano.

So, to close out their 42nd season, one that saw the late-night sketch program break records for its best ratings in 22 years, exhibit its sharpest writing in ages, and have stars like Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy shine as Donald Trump and Sean Spicer, respectively, the cast of SNL performed another rendition of “Hallelujah”—only this time while dressed as various members of the Trump administration.

There was Alec Baldwin’s President Trump on the piano (with a Russian flag pin on his jacket, if you look closely), with Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway and Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence hovering over him; Aidy Bryant’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders; Death, otherwise known as Steve Bannon; the dead-eyed Trump kids; Cecily Strong’s Melania Trump; and, last but not least, Scarlett Johansson’s Ivanka Trump, who'd previously made waves with her “Complicit” perfume ad.

“I’m not giving up, because I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Baldwin’s Trump. “But I can’t speak for these people.”

The shade was palpable.

SNL will be missed for the summer (it returns in the fall). In the meantime, embers of #TheResistance will have to go elsewhere for their weekend shot of comedy catharsis.