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SNL’s Best Mother’s Day Sketches

From 50 Shades of Mother’s Day to a Tina Fey jam, see Saturday Night Live’s best Mother’s Day sketches.

Mother Lover: How to Show Mom You Care

Forget a gift for Mom on her special day? Coincidentally so did Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg. But never fear—in this SNL digital short, they quickly come up with a solution that’s sure to leave Mom satisfied.

Mom Jeans for Mom Day

A mother’s life isn’t complete without a pair of mom jeans—er, right? Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph put their best tapered-pant-leg forward in this mock ad for the infamous pants.

50 Shades of Mother’s Day

Here’s a lesson in doling out surprises: Beware closed doors! Watch what happens when these unwitting husbands attempt to spoil their wives.

Tina’s Mother Message

And now a special message from mommy to baby. A pregnant Tina Fey hosted SNL’s 2011 Mother’s Day episode and performed a little ditty for her unborn child.

Stefon’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Skipping the gifts and going for the experience? Stefon has a slew of suggestions for places you can take your mom to make her day unforgettable. The only thing is… his suggestions might be a bit spicy for some mothers’ taste.

Will Forte’s Mom Song

It’s every mother’s dream—having her son sing to her on live television. At least, until he brings up the Grim Reaper. Watch Will Forte’s Weekend Update tribute to his mom.