SNL’s Michael Che: Trump ‘Constantly Reaffirms All My Black Paranoia’

“Just when I think he's insane, he'll say something that makes perfect sense,” the ‘Weekend Update’ anchor said this week.


The right’s FBI “Secret Society” conspiracy theory has been debunked after it was revealed that it was based on a single joke text from one agent to another. But SNL’s “Weekend Update” anchor Michael Che isn’t so sure.

“Republicans have begun blaming a ‘secret society’ within the FBI for undermining the Trump presidency. And you know what? I believe it,” Che said on Saturday. “That’s why hating Donald Trump is so frustrating for me, because he constantly reaffirms all of my black paranoia. Just when I think he’s insane, he’ll say something that makes perfect sense. Like, ‘The media is lying, the FBI is trying to do me like they did Tupac.’ And I’m like, ‘They did kill Tupac, didn’t they?’”

Che also went off on White House adviser Stephen Miller, noting that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer “said that before his meeting with President Trump on immigration reform,” he insisted that Miller not be allowed in the room. “But Miller usually scatters away whenever someone turns the lights on,” Che joked. “Because he looks like a roach.”

“Stephen Miller looks like he has a sex doll named ‘Mother,’” Che added. “Doesn’t he look like the guy in Ghost who yells, ‘Get off my train!?’”

Later, Colin Jost mocked the way Trump attempted to defend himself against the charge that he tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller by whispering ‘fake news’ at reporters while at Davos in Switzerland.

“Why are you holding up your hands like you’re whispering?” Jost asked. “You know, it doesn’t work if you’re talking at full volume into a television camera. He probably saw all the world leaders whispering like this whenever he entered a room, and he just thought it was a cool European thing.”

“While in Davos, Trump also met with the president of Rwanda, just a week after Trump had used a vulgar term to describe African nations,” Jost added. “The meeting began awkwardly when Trump tossed him his car keys, and told him not to scratch the finish.”