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Snooki, Louis C.K., Beyonce and More Viral Videos

From Louis C.K.’s Twitter faux pas to the Obamas’ basketball smooch, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

10. Walter White Wants You to CallWell, that's not so “Bad.” Bryan Cranston told Jimmy Kimmel that his fans had a chance to chat when he started taking calls on a pay phone on the hit show's set. Jesse Pinkman was also around to talk, yo.

9. Vetting Mitt’s VeepsMitt Romney has chosen a running mate or so we've heard—and we're fairly certain it's not Sarah Palin. The GOP candidate's camp didn't even have to do the vetting, thanks to this Upright Citizen's Brigade spoof.

8. Michael Vick: Maybe I’ll Get a DogNo, this isn’t a joke—Michael Vick sat down with Piers Morgan Tuesday and ended up sticking his foot straight in his mouth. Watch him discuss why he’d like to once again own a dog.

7. Snooki Meets Newt, Late-Night TV ExplodesTogether at last. The Jersey Shore star got Newt Gingrich to reveal he didn't have strippers at his bachelor party before marrying Calista. We're guessing Snooki doesn't know about his torrid past.

6. Ann Romney on Mitt’s Pesky TaxesShe's over it. On Good Morning America, the would-be first lady said she doesn't want to release more information about her husband's taxes to avoid more criticism.

5. Louis C.K.: I Didn’t Defend RapeThe only thing he's guilty of is terrible Tweet timing—at least according to this Daily Show interview. Louis C.K. was accused of defending Daniel Tosh's rape humor, but in fact, he only wanted to compliment the controversial comedian's show.

4. The Ultimate Campaign Weapon: BeyoncéForget the president's attacks on Mitt Romney's questionable Bain record—here's real ammo for the campaign. The superstar singer praises Michelle Obama in the hippest political spot yet.

3. A Presidential SmoochThe Obamas have been caught on the kiss cam! Amid reports that the FLOTUS rejected a kiss, the president finally got his PDA in a special moment at a Team USA men's basketball warm-up for the London Olympics.

2. George Zimmerman SpeaksIn his first interview since Trayvon Martin’s death, the accused shooter sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “I feel that it was all God’s plan,” he said while explaining why he didn’t regret the events of that night.

1. Scenes From the Colorado ShootingJennifer Seeger, who survived the massacre at a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises by playing dead, describes the terrifying scene: “He pointed the gun right at me,” she said.