Snowden Took Less Than Feared

On the one-year anniversary of the first story published from Edward Snowden's NSA leak, America's top spy says the hesit is not as bad as first believed. “We’re still investigating, but we think that a lot of what he looked at, he couldn’t pull down,” Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told the Washington Post's David Ignatius. “Some things we thought he got he apparently didn’t.” While the veracity of Clapper's claims are hard to verify, they do contradict initial intelligence community views which believed Snowden had possibly compromised the military's communications networks. The issue at hand is what is known as the “third tier” of documents Snowden is believed to have taken. The first tier of 300 have leaked; the second tier is 200,000 documents believed to have been given to the press; the third tier is thought to be 1.4 million Snowden took but whose whereabouts are unknown.