Son of Wisc. Donor Gets Plum Job

There are two ways to get a job in government: hard work, and the old-fashioned way—nepotism. A report from Wisconsin suggests the son of a major donor to Republican Gov. Scott Walker may have benefited from the latter. Despite being a college dropout with two DUIs and little or no relevant experience, twentysomething Brian Deschane scored a $81,500 gig overseeing environmental and regulatory matters and dozens of employees. He’s even received a 26 percent raise during his two-month tenure. “It doesn't look like he's ever had a real job," sniped Democratic Rep. Brett Hulsey, one of the critics who points out that Deschane’s father Jerry gave almost $122,000 to Walker’s campaign. The elder Deschane says his son got the job on his own. Walker has waged war against public-employee unions, saying that their compensation is bleeding the Badger State dry.