Sorkin: No Petraeus on ‘Newsroom’

The grand, earnest monologue that almost was. Aaron Sorkin confirmed that there will be no story line about the David Petraeus scandal on the second season of the HBO drama The Newsroom. Appearing at Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s Hero Summit, Sorkin said that season 2 of the series will conclude, literally, the day before the story broke. “Otherwise,” he said, “I would go there.” He also called Petraeus “a hero in the classic definition,” but one who “made a very human mistake.” Sorkin also copped that he “can’t calculate how many people hated” Newsroom’s first season, and revealed that his upcoming Steve Jobs biopic will be three scenes, all of which will lead up to a major product launch and end with the quote "here's to the crazy ones."