South Carolina Serial Killer Says He Has More Victims

Convicted serial killer Todd Kohlhepp has sent an eight-page letter to a South Carolina news outlet claiming he has several more undiscovered victims. Kohlhepp, who was convicted of killing seven people earlier this year, told the Herald-Journal of Spartanburg that he racked up “more than seven” victims prior to his 2016 arrest. “It’s not an addition problem, it’s a multiplication problem. Leaves the state and leaves the country. Thank you private pilot’s license,” he was quoted as saying. “At this point, I really don’t see reason to give numbers or locations,” he said. Kohlhepp claims his attempts to warn authorities of more victims were “blown off.” Don Wood, chief division counsel with the FBI’s field office in Columbia, told the paper the bureau has an investigation pending into the matter. Kohlhepp was sentenced to life in prison after his trial last May. The former owner of a real estate business, his crimes took place over more than a decade and he was caught only after police found a woman chained up on his property in 2016.