South Korean President Removed From Office

South Korean President Park Geun-hye was formally impeached and removed from office early Friday, after months of tumult over a bribery scandal. Seoul’s constitutional court unanimously upheld a parliamentary motion to dismiss her and Park could now face criminal charges. Two people died in violence that erupted shortly after the verdict was announced, as supporters and protesters took to the streets, and 30 police and activists were injured. Elections for a new president must now be held within 60 days; progressive candidate Moon Jae-in is a favorite to win. The scandal surrounding Park stems from her involvement with lifelong friend Choi Soon-sil. Choi is accused of getting bribes from companies like Samsung in return for using her relationship with Park to get favorable treatment for companies. Prosecutors recommended 13 charges against Park including abuse of power, coercion of donations, and the sharing of state secrets.