Spicer: All Sexual-Misconduct Allegations ‘Should Be Treated Seriously’

Sean Spicer believes all sexual-misconduct allegations should be taken seriously, despite his former boss, President Trump, having dismissed the 16+ of his own accusers as liars with political motivations. “I would say that all allegations should be treated seriously,” Spicer told Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo, who asked if the accusations against Trump were different than the current spate of those against other public figures. “I think we can’t dismiss people who make those.” However, the former Trump press secretary added, everyone accused of misconduct should be given an opportunity to defend themselves because the United States is “a country of due process.” Spicer also suggested that accusations against government officials are not as “clear-cut” as those against private individuals, because “just a matter of employment can be dealt with at the HR.”