Spinal Tap Creators Sue for $400 Million

The band members from cult-classic mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap have decided to reunite with co-star and co-creator Harry Shearer to seek $400 million in a lawsuit against Vivendi, the media firm they claim did not fully share profits from their 1984 film. Shearer announced he was suing the entertainment giant for $125 million in October. Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and director Rob Reiner have joined with Shearer to seek additional damages in the case. The lawsuit claims Vivendi reported that worldwide income from the film’s soundtrack amounted to just $98 between 1989 and 2006, and that merchandise income came to $81 since its release, despite “tens of millions of dollars” in revenue. Guest called Vivendi’s actions “deliberate obfuscation,” adding that “such behavior” should be challenged “in the strongest way possible.” Reiner said, “Such anti-competitive practices need to be exposed.” He added, “I am hoping this lawsuit goes to 11.”