Spitzer Adviser to Publish Tell-All

With one New York governor fighting a losing battle against political scandals, it’s time to revisit an old one. Eliot Spitzer’s senior adviser and old friend, Lloyd Constantine, is publishing his book next Tuesday on the Spitzer governorship, Journal of the Plague Year—the first look inside since Spitzer resigned two years ago. Constantine, who no longer appears to be on speaking terms with Spitzer, tells the story of a temperamental man whose life quickly spun out of control in his final days in office. At one time, Constantine says, with Spitzer weeping to him on the phone, he worried about the governor committing suicide. At another, he even suggested Spitzer enter sexual rehabilitation as a means of clinging to the governorship. But Spitzer is already dismissing the book’s legitimacy. “What Mr. Constantine has written is little more than a self-serving and largely inaccurate interpretation of events mixed with unfounded speculation,” he said in a statement.