Spitzer: Bill Kristol's Attacks "Despicable"

He had his troubles as a talk show host and governor of New York, but Eliot Spitzer has proven remarkably effective at waging war with Republicans in his Slate column. His latest offering is a scathing takedown of Bill Kristol, whose pro-Israel group recently aired an ad that criticizes Occupy Wall Street as anti-Semitic. Spitzer calls the ad “cheap, base, and demagogic.” Of course, if Spitzer seems especially feisty, it might be because he’s actually shown in the commercial defending Occupy Wall Street, seconds before footage of a demonstrator yelling “You’re a bum, Jew!” at a man wearing a yarmulke. Spitzer calls this tactic “the oldest cheapest game played by those who have nothing to say that actually responds to the real issues. They try to change the topic.”