Staffers Detail Widespread Abuse in Mistress-Abortion Rep Tim Murphy’s Office

The Republican and staunch anti-abortion congressman who came under fire for reportedly encouraging his mistress to end her pregnancy allegedly ran an abusive Capitol Hill office full of “screaming,” “harassment,” and “intimidation.” Rep. Tim Murphy was encouraged by multiple top House Republicans to step down over systemic problems in his office, according to Politico. Even Murphy’s chief of staff, Susan Mosychuk—who warned the Pittsburgh-area lawmaker that his mistreatment of staff was problematic—derided and verbally abused aides herself. “It was one of the worst places I have ever worked in my life. There was screaming. Intimidation. Nothing you ever did was right,” said Nick Rodondo, Murphy’s former district director, on Pittsburgh radio station KDKA. Ex-staffers even said Mosychuk had placed white-noise machines throughout the legislator’s congressional office so that constituents in the front room couldn’t hear her screaming at employees.