Stephen Colbert Accuses Trump of Crossing ‘Ethical’ Line in Trying to Fire Mueller

The ‘Late Show’ host came into work on his day off just so he could address the bombshell report.


“We don’t normally film on Fridays,” Stephen Colbert’s Late Show Twitter handle tweeted Friday afternoon, “but when we do, it’s because we found out the president tried to fire Mueller.”

The news that Trump attempted to axe special counsel Robert Mueller last summer broke too late for Colbert to address it in either his Thursday or Friday night monologues (both taped Thursday afternoon). So instead, he came into the office on Friday to record his thoughts on the matter from backstage.

Wearing his suit jacket over his casual sweater and riding a mini Segway through the offices at the Ed Sullivan Theater, Colbert explained that “sometimes after we’re done taping, Trump continues to happen.”

After explaining that the president first tried to fire Mueller last June, he added, “So that uncrossable line in the ethical sand? Turns out Trump crossed it months ago. I can’t wait to find out about the nuke he launched on Thanksgiving!”

Despite the fact that White House counsel Don McGahn got Trump to back down by threatening to quit, Colbert said this whole episode raises an important question. “If Trump tried to fire the man investigating him for obstruction of justice because he was investigating him for obstruction of justice, is that just more obstruction of justice?” he asked. “Or is it something new, like an obstrucducken?”

“Anyway, whatever it is, it’s pretty bad,” the host said. Noting that Trump’s current lawyer Ty Cobb is not commenting on the situation, Colbert added, “That’s not good. Maybe Trump should ask his lawyer if he can fire his lawyer.”

Finally, after playing a clip of Trump’s go-to “fake news!” defense from Davos, Colbert said, “Man, this is his answer to everything!”

To test out this theory, Colbert asked Trump, “How would you characterize your claim that the report of you trying to fire Mueller is ‘fake news?’”

“Fake news, folks, fake news,” Trump replied.