Stephen Colbert Blasts Trump for ISIS Lies: ‘America’s Gullible Uncle’

Stephen Colbert can’t believe Donald Trump blindly believes everything he sees on the Internet.

Despite what you may have seen on the Internet this past weekend, ISIS did not attack Donald Trump in Dayton, Ohio.

After a man attempted to rush the stage at a Trump rally on Saturday, a hoax video circulated online that claimed to link the man to ISIS. Among the people it fooled was Trump himself:

As Stephen Colbert put it Monday night, the man was “either trying to disrupt the rally or just saw Trump’s head from a distance and thought they were giving out free ham.” Police ended up charging the man with “disorderly conduct and inducing panic, which means he could be the next Republican frontrunner.” After playing a clip of the hoax video, Colbert joked of the protester, “With a beard like that, he’s either in ISIS or Mumford & Sons.”

But despite all evidence to the contrary, Trump continued to insist that the man had ISIS ties in a Sunday morning interview on Meet the Press. When Chuck Todd informed him that it was actually a hoax, Trump replied, “All I know is what’s on the Internet.”

“I want to let this sink in for a second,” Colbert said. “The likely Republican nominee for president of the United States said all he knows is what’s on the Internet. Trump is America’s gullible uncle, just forwarding anything he sees online.”

“Obviously, his first state dinner will be honoring that imprisoned Nigerian prince,” he continued. “And it won’t cost us anything because the prince promises to send us a check.”

Colbert then dared Trump to retweet a new video he made of a cat wearing a turban and listening to Middle Eastern music.