Stephen Colbert Declares Victory Over President Trump: ‘I Won’

The president of the United States called Colbert ‘a no-talent guy’ and ‘filthy’ in an interview with Time magazine. And Colbert, as is his wont, took a victory lap.


Last Monday, Stephen Colbert devoted a big portion of his Late Show monologue to ripping President Trump for insulting his pal and network-mate, Face the Nation host John Dickerson, to his face.

“You have more people marching against you than cancer,” exclaimed Colbert. “You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head.” And then the kicker: “In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock holster.”

That last dig prompted those on the right to start the hashtag campaign #FireColbert to get the late-night host fired—this despite their unwavering support for President “Grab Them by the Pussy” Trump. The FCC is investigating the Colbert joke—standard procedure when it receives a complaint—and may deliver a fine to the program. Colbert, meanwhile, was unapologetic, defiantly saying of the president of the United States: “I believe he can take care of himself.”Well, in an interview with Time magazine, the remarkably thin-skinned commander in chief responded to Colbert. “You see a no-talent guy like Colbert,” said Trump. “There’s nothing funny about what he says. And what he says is filthy. And you have kids watching. And it only builds up my base. It only helps me, people like him.” Trump’s approval rating, by the way, is down to 36 percent—mainly due to a drop among his base.

On Thursday night, during his Late Show monologue, Colbert took a victory lap for successfully trolling POTUS.

“The president of the United States has personally come after me and my show, and there’s only one thing to say,” gushed Colbert, before laughing giddily and feigning flattery. “Yay!”

As the crowd loudly chanted “Stephen! Stephen!” he continued: “Mr. Trump, there’s a lot you don’t understand. But I never thought one of those things would be show business! Don’t you know I’ve been trying for a year to get you to say my name, and you were very restrained—admirably restrained—but now you did it,” Colbert said, before pointing to himself and whispering, “I won.”

There is something very strange about Donald “Two Corinthians” Trump, a thrice-married serial adulterer who famously carried on an affair with Marla Maples while wife Ivana took their three young kids to church, was caught on tape boasting about committing casual sexual assault, and who’s been accused of sexual assault by up to 12 women—calling Colbert, a Sunday school teacher and devoted father of three, “filthy.”But here we are.