Stephen Colbert Defends CNN: Trump Is the One ‘Guilty of Fake News’

As the president accuses CNN of ‘fake news,’ he was caught displaying a bogus Time magazine cover.


CNN messed up this week and Stephen Colbert was not about to give them a pass. “This is CNN’s worst mistake since their short-lived spinoff, Wolf Blitzer’s Rockin’ Situation Garage,” the Late Show host joked Tuesday night.

“Now CNN says that ‘the retraction does not mean the facts of the story were necessarily wrong,’ but they pulled the story because ‘standard editorial processes were not followed,’” Colbert explained. “Yes, it’s a fine story. They just forgot to call it ‘breaking news’ and have a countdown clock.”

As Colbert noted, the target of CNN’s recently retracted story, Trump transition official Anthony Scaramucci, accepted the network’s apology. “Guess who’s not moving on?” he asked. “The Tweetster in Chief,” who “unloaded” on CNN earlier Tuesday morning, writing, “Fake News CNN is looking at big management changes now that they got caught falsely pushing their phony Russian stories. Ratings way down!”

“And it is true, CNN does have some phony stories,” Colbert admitted. “I watched Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown and I didn’t see any parts of his body I didn’t already know.”

But if there is one person who is “guilty of fake news” out there, Colbert said it is President Donald Trump, who was caught on Tuesday displaying a fake Time magazine with himself on the cover at his golf resorts.

“Trump made his own Time magazine cover?” Colbert asked. “My God, that can only mean he’s acquired mall kiosk technology! But if that one’s fake, please, tell me there’s a chance this one is fake, too,” he added, showing the one that read “How Trump Won” on the screen.