Stephen Colbert Hammers Donald Trump for Twitter Attack on John Lewis

The ‘Late Show’ host defended his good friend John Lewis from Trump’s unwarranted Twitter attack Monday night.

Stephen Colbert couldn’t wait for his show Monday night to express his displeasure with Donald Trump’s decision to go after Civil Rights icon and Democratic Congressman John Lewis during Martin Luther King weekend, tweeting from his personal account on Saturday, “Attn:@realDonaldTrump @repjohnlewis is my friend, and yours, whoever you are, whether you agree with him or not. #Leadwithlove #goodtrouble.”

The president-elect’s latest feud began when Rep. Lewis told Meet The Press’ Chuck Todd that he does not view Trump as a “legitimate” president. In response, Trump used his Twitter account to tar Lewis’ district as “crime infested” and accuse the man who marched with Dr. King of being “All talk, talk, talk - no action or results.”

“Yes, well said,” Colbert remarked, mockingly, in his monologue Monday night. “John Lewis is all ‘talk, talk, talk.’ Unlike a real leader like Trump who’s all tweet, tweet, tweet.”

“So Trump spent the Martin Luther King weekend attacking a Civil Rights leader who marched and was beaten with Dr. King,” Colbert added. “What’s he going to do on Easter?”

From there, the host imagined Trump tweeting, “Loser Jesus dead for 3 days and then we’re supposed to believe he just wakes up? Fake news. I like gods who don’t die. Where’s the rebirth certificate?”

If you think that sounds absurd, you may have forgotten the time Trump went after the pope on Twitter.

As for Congressman Lewis, he and Colbert do go back a ways. He was a repeat guest on The Colbert Report and when he appeared on the Late Show last fall, the 76-year-old impressed viewers by crowd surfing.