Stephen Colbert Isn’t Buying Trump’s Immigration ‘Bill of Love’

The ‘Late Show’ host is not about to give Trump credit for reaching out to Democrats.

Conservative pundits from Ann Coulter to Tucker Carlson are up in arms after Donald Trump dramatically reached out to Democrats during a bipartisan meeting about immigration reform on Tuesday. But Stephen Colbert isn’t buying the new face of the president’s efforts, which he said is still “focused mainly on our policy of having immigrants.”

“The stakes are high,” the Late Show host said, noting that if the two sides can’t find a compromise, the federal government could shut down on Jan. 20, “or as historians call it, one year too late.”

Colbert did say that he found Trump’s open meeting with press cameras present “exceptional,” especially for a White House that has not been particularly transparent with the media. “They don’t even let cameras into The Bachelor fantasy suite when they’re engaging in bipartisan negotiations,” he said. “I mean sex.”

During the meeting, Trump said it was “vital” for Democrats to be involved in the immigration reform process because he believes that “this should be a bill of love.”

“And you know what they say, if you love someone, kick them out of the country,” Colbert added.