Stephen Colbert Makes Donald Trump Debate Himself

After Donald Trump decided to skip Thursday night’s GOP debate on Fox News, Stephen Colbert moderated his own “All-You-Can-Trump” debate.

via YouTube

Last night, Fox News showed America what the Republican presidential race would look like without Donald Trump.

With 24 million viewers up for grabs, Stephen Colbert decided to go after them as hard as he could. “If Fox News has no Trump, then I am all Trump,” he said before presenting “The 2016 Top Tremendous All-You-Can Trump Luxury Presidential Debate.”

Trump may have been scared of Fox moderator Megyn Kelly—“Why would he want to practice going head-to-head with a strong blonde woman?” Colbert wondered as he flashed a photo of Hillary Clinton next to the candidate—but perhaps he has more to fear from the Late Show host. Using various clips from Trump’s past and present, Colbert moderated a debate between “Donald” and “Mr. Trump” that demonstrated just how malleable his positions really are.

While Donald believes “nobody likes” Ted Cruz, Mr. Trump says, “I like Ted Cruz a lot.”

While Donald “loves” Iowa, Mr. Trump asks, “How stupid are the people of Iowa?”

While Donald thinks Hillary Clinton was “the worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States,” Mr. Trump once called the Democratic candidate a “terrific woman” who “really works hard” and “does a great job.”

Colbert even dug up the 2011 clip in which Trump gushed all over Megyn Kelly to show how much his tune has changed about her in just five years.

The Trump vs. Trump debate was reminiscent of a staple Colbert Report segment called “Formidable Opponent” in which Colbert debated a mirror image of himself. During the 2012 campaign, the host used the device to highlight the differences between the newly hard-line conservative Mitt Romney and the far more progressive Mitt Romney who brought universal health care to Massachusetts.