Stephen Colbert Mocks Donald and Melania’s Sexless Marriage

The ‘Late Show’ host found one detail in Michael Wolff’s new book particularly unnerving.

Among the least disturbing details to come out of Michael Wolff’s explosive new book is that Donald and Melania Trump sleep in separate bedrooms in the White House.

“Don’t change the channel,” Stephen Colbert implored his viewers Thursday night when he brought up their bedroom habits. As he explained, they are the first couple not to share a bedroom in the White House since John and Jackie Kennedy. Though, he posited, that might have been for different reasons.

“Meaning Donald Trump has had just as much sex as JFK… has had in the past year,” the Late Show host joked.

Lest anyone think that Trump was having an affair, Colbert told them not to worry. As Wolff reports in his book, “If he was not having his 6:30 dinner with Steve Bannon, then, more to his liking, he was in bed by that time with a cheeseburger.”

“I’m going to hope eating it,” Colbert added, before graphically miming Trump “licking out the special sauce” of his favorite meal.