Stephen Colbert Mocks Ivanka Trump’s ‘Born Rich’ Success Story

After Ivanka Trump was booed in Berlin, Stephen Colbert added insult to injury.

In the nearly 100 days since President Donald Trump took office, he hasn’t left the country. In fact, as Stephen Colbert joked Tuesday night, “He’s barely left the country club.”

Instead, the president sent his daughter Ivanka Trump to Berlin this week, where she was promptly booed for praising her father’s agenda. She was there to attend a women’s conference, “making her the first Trump to attend a women's conference that didn’t include a swimsuit competition,” the host said.

Ivanka Trump set out to “inspire” women. “And the Trump family has a long history of inspiring women —to march, to sue, to flee from a dressing room,” Colbert joked. “And Ivanka shared her story of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Step one: Be born rich. Step two: Just in case, marry rich.”

As for the “groans and hisses” that greeted her remarks about the president’s policies of family leave, Colbert said, “That is not fair. Trump obviously supports family leave. That’s why he’s always leaving one and starting another.”

Things “haven’t been going well for Ivanka back stateside,” either, Colbert added, noting that “because they’ve had trouble moving Ivanka’s line of clothing, so they secretly relabeled it as Adrienne Vittadini. That’s how unpopular the ‘Trump’ name is right now. Her clothing has been put in the Witness Protection Program.”