Stephen Colbert Mourns Rubio’s Demise: ‘Goodbye, Sweet Marco’

Stephen Colbert paid tribute Thursday night to one of the most promising candidates of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign: Marco Rubio.

In the latest edition of his “Hungry for Power Games” series Thursday night, The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert bid a fond farewell to one of the most promising tributes in this year’s Republican primary.

“Yes, Florida senator and boy whose birthday party your parents made you attend, Marco Rubio, has joined the ranks of the fallen,” Colbert said. When Rubio told his supporters there is “nothing more” they could have done for him, the host replied, “Well, you could have voted for him, but besides that, no.”

“This is a major turning point in our games,” Colbert said. “For Rubio was the last tribute fighting on behalf of the establishment of Capital City. He was supposed to become the Jeb Bush people liked. Instead he became the Jeb Bush.”

Colbert looked back on some of Rubio’s “shining moments of oratory,” including his misguided comments about Donald Trump’s hands. “You know what they say about men with small hands,” Rubio joked. “They win Florida?” Colbert replied.

“Goodbye, sweet Marco,” Colbert concluded. “Unless you end up getting the nomination, because really anything’s possible at this point.”