Stephen Colbert Mocks Roy Moore Over Alabama Senate Loss: ‘Roy Moore Now Has to Eat His Horse’

The ‘Late Show’ also host went in on the Republican Senate candidate for his voting approach: cosplaying on horseback.

Scott Kowalchyk/CBS

“It’s also a huge day in Alabama: Election Day,” announced Stephen Colbert. “And now it is official: Roy Moore either is or isn’t our newest U.S. senator. Because you see, we taped tonight’s show long before the polls closed.”

That’s how The Late Show host kicked off his monologue on Tuesday night, alluding to the fact that his program generally tapes at around 5 p.m. daily—well before the votes will be tallied in the hotly contested U.S. Senate race in Alabama.

The Alabama Senate race pits the Trump-backed Republican Roy Moore, a homophobic, Islamophobic ex-judge who’s been accused of sexual misconduct by nine women (including an alleged pattern of preying on teenage girls) against Democrat Doug Jones, a man best known for prosecuting a pair of KKK members in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing that claimed the lives of four little black girls.

“One thing we do know is how Roy Moore got to the polls: He arrived on horseback,” offered Colbert. “And I just want to say to Roy Moore: Hello, you and the horse you rode in on.”

Colbert, in a Tuesday night tweet, claimed that “Roy Moore voted in the creepiest way possible”—that is, by riding in on his horse, dressed like Woody from Toy Story.

“Here’s a bit of an eyebrow-raiser: The horse’s name is ‘Sassy.’ Well, I mean, that is a lovely name for a magazine targeted at teenage girls,” said Colbert, before throwing to an image of teen-girl magazines titled Sassy.

Hi-Hooooo, Sassy! Off to the mall!” Colbert exclaimed, before galloping around the set to loud cheers from his audience.

Then, after the results came in, with Democrat Doug Jones pulling off a shock victory over the accused child molester Moore, Colbert tweeted the following: “According to Alabama state law, Roy Moore now has to eat his horse.”