Stephen Colbert Rips Trump’s NATO Shove: ‘What a Jerk’

The ‘Late Show’ host calls out President Trump’s “inappropriate” behavior at this week’s NATO summit.


As Donald Trump’s adventure abroad comes to a close, Stephen Colbert just couldn’t help but come out early Friday afternoon with his reaction to the way the President awkwardly shoved aside the Prime Minister of Montenegro on Thursday in order to get himself front and center of a NATO photo op in Brussels.

“Donald Trump’s still out the country,” Colbert said in his Friday Late Show monologue, before adding, “We still have time to change the locks.”  

Colbert took particular delight in the moment when Trump got a little too “handsy” with Montenegro’s Duško Marković. “Alright, out of my way, you Montenegro,” Colbert imagined Trump thinking, using a different pronunciation for the name of that small country. “Alpha male coming through!”

“What a jerk,” Colbert added. “I don’t think that kind of shoving is appropriate for an international summit. That’s the kind of shoving that belongs in the buffet line at Mar-a-Lago.”

But Trump “was not done offending our allies,” the host continued, highlighting the looks on the faces of his fellow leaders when he accused them of not paying their fair share of defense costs. “Oh, c’mon, cheer up,” Colbert told them. “He’s not your president!”

Finally, quoting a Washington Post article about the summit, Colbert said, “No wonder ‘Trump was left largely on his own after the speech as other leaders mingled and laughed with each other.’” As Colbert sang, “They wouldn’t let poor Donald join in any NATO games.”