Stephen King: 'Stop Your Paranoia'

After Sandy Hook, author Stephen King published an e-book imploring Americans to find a middle ground on gun control. Since very few people read that e-book and since, just this week, police thwarted what could have been yet another massacre at the University of Central Florida, he's taken to the Bangor Daily News to ask again. King clarifies that, as a gun owner and deer hunter himself, he is “dead against repeal of the Second Amendment,” but that the truth is, the laws proposed to curb gun violence are not aimed at doing so—and if they were the Supreme Court would overturn them. “Stop with the paranoia, please,” he begs. “If they stand (and they probably will), the hunters can still hunt, the target shooters can still shoot, and homeowners can still have a weapon or two at hand for defense and protection. The rest of us will be a little safer.”