Unzipped Lips

Stewart Discusses Kiss With Fanning

While Kristen Stewart has long remained tight-lipped about her alleged relationship with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson, the actress had no problem discussing an intimate on-screen moment with Dakota Fanning, her costar in the upcoming film The Runaways. "Working this closely with someone, you can't help but really become bonded with them and it really helps when you actually like them and can become really good friends," the 19-year-old actress told People magazine while promoting the film, which focuses on the '70s female-powered rock band. As the Joan Jett to Fanning's Cherie Currie, the two share a much-buzzed-about kiss. "It was cool. I didn't mind it," Stewart said. "The way that it happens in the script is so just a sort of moment in time and fun and natural and sort of impulsive." But when asked to reveal who offered the best pucker between Fanning and Pattinson, Stewart held her tongue.