Stormy Daniels Totally Denies Affair With Donald Trump in New Statement

In a new statement, Stormy Daniels has issued a blanket denial of her alleged 2006 affair with Donald Trump. The porn star, who Trump reportedly paid $130,000 to stay quiet about their relationship just before the 2016 election, said that she is not denying the affair because she was paid “hush money” but instead because “it never happened.” However, in a 2011 interview with InTouch magazine, she recounted the affair in explicit detail. Daniels concluded her statement by directing people to her Instagram account, where she posted a selfie on Tuesday with the caption, “Relaxing before the big night.” It was unclear if she was referring to President Trump’s State of the Union address or her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that will air immediately following that event, despite the fact that she says she will have “no further comment on this matter.”