Strauss-Kahn's Wife Stands by Her Man

It's been a whirlwind week of courtrooms, bail money, and scandal for Dominique Strauss-Kahn after he was arrested in New York last week for sexually assaulting a hotel maid. His wife, Anne Sinclair, has been accustomed to turning a blind eye to her husband's womanizing ways, and publicly stated in 2006 that she's "proud" of his reputation: "It's important to seduce, for a politician." Even after the news came out that the IMF chief had an affair with someone in his agency, Sinclair wrote on her blog, "everyone knows that those things happen in couples' lives." No one knows how the former television journalist truly feels on the inside, except that she has proven she will support her husband unconditionally. "I don't believe for a single second the accusations of sexual assault by my husband," she said in a statement immediately after the news broke. "I am certain his innocence will be proven." Born into a wealthy family, Sinclair has paid Strauss-Kahn's $1 million bail, along with an apartment for her husband, an electronic monitoring bracelet, and armed guards to watch over and protect him while he is under house arrest.