Student Faces Hate-Crime Charge for ‘Bodily Fluids’ Harassment Campaign

A student at the University of Hartford is facing a hate-crime charge for allegedly smearing bodily fluids on her roommate’s backpack, among other things. Brianna Rae Brochu, 18, was arrested Saturday after she admitted to police that she licked her roommate’s utensils and smeared fluids on her backpack, the Hartford Courant reports. Separate reports say Brochu, who is white, posted pictures on social media boasting about her actions against her roommate, whom she called “Jamaican Barbie,” throughout October. In one post, she reportedly included photos showing a “reddish brown substance” on the roommate’s backpack, which she later admitted was “period blood.” She also reportedly bragged about putting her roommate’s toothbrush in “places where the sun don’t shine.” A judge on Wednesday banned Brochu from the central Connecticut campus and ordered her not to contact the roommate. A university statement condemned Brochu’s “reprehensible” behavior and saying she is “no longer a student” there.