Submarine Owner Admits to Dismembering Journalist Kim Wall’s Body

Peter Madsen, the Danish submarine builder accused of killing journalist Kim Wall, has finally admitted to dismembering the Swedish woman’s body, according to Copenhagen police. Madsen still denies he killed the journalist but has changed his story, once again, about the reason she died. Police say the 46-year-old now claims Wall died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning inside the submarine while he was on deck. Wall was writing a story about Madsen at the time. He earlier told police that he dropped Wall off safely on shore and then later said she had been killed when she was accidentally hit in the head with a heavy hatch. The 30-year-old’s decapitated torso was found near where the submarine sank. Prosecutors have said Wall was stabbed in her ribcage and genitals around or shortly after her death. Videos showing women being tortured and killed were reportedly found on a hard drive the lab where Madsen worked, which police believe belonged to him but were not recorded by him.