‘Super’ Banana to Be Tested on Humans

Scientists believe we may soon be able to save millions of lives in Africa, one banana at a time. Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have announced they will begin testing their genetically engineered pro-Vitamin A banana on humans and have shipped them to the U.S. for a six-week trial. These bananas have been enriched with alpha and beta carotene to help elevate the body’s Vitamin A levels. As a result, the flesh is more orange than a typical one, but the discoloration is a small price to pay for a fruit that could have a huge public-health impact. Queensland Prof. James Dale said Vitamin A deficiency is responsible for “650,000-700,000 children world-wide dying each year and at least another 300,000 going blind.” Dale is confident it’s just a matter of time before the “super” banana is saving lives across the globe. “We know our science will work,” he said.