Suspect at Center of NYPD Officer Death Is Charged With Murder

The suspect in a Tuesday night robbery that resulted in a New York City police officer getting killed was charged with murder Wednesday, shortly after his reputation as a “social media prankster” became known. Christopher Ransom—known as “Chris the Risk” on social media—was reportedly known for police-involved pranks that he'd post online before he was identified as a robbery suspect late Tuesday. Ransom, who police have said has a “lengthy rap sheet,” is accused of causing a shootout outside a Queens T-Mobile store that left NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen dead and another officer wounded. Ransom’s friend Shawn Ramoutar told the New York Post he believes there may have been a misunderstanding. “Chris was always playing intricate pranks and was a comedian. I think this was a prank gone wrong,” he said. In a previous prank, the 27-year-old Ransom got police to draw their weapons on him in a video. In another, he paraded around Brooklyn in a cape as a “‘vigilante’ for hire” while speaking to police. Ransom has also reportedly danced on top of a marked NYPD car and simulated shooting people at a Planet Fitness location for videos.