Suspected Idaho Pastor Shooter Arrested

The man suspected of shooting an Idaho pastor was arrested Tuesday outside the White House after he “threw unknown material over the south fence line,” the Secret Service said. Kyle Odom, a 30-year-old former Marine, was arrested in Washington, D.C., two days after he allegedly shot Tim Remington outside Altar Church in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Earlier Tuesday, a message posted to Odom’s Facebook page said that Remington was shot because the pastor was “from Mars” and had “ruined” Odom’s life, according to KXLY. Odom’s profile picture was also changed to a drawing of an alien. Coeur d’Alene police said Monday that Odom had a history of mental illness. Just a day before the shooting, Remington had led a prayer at a campaign rally for Sen. Ted Cruz.