Swiss Gigolo Gets 6 Years

Raymond Chandler couldn't have written a better plot: The Times of London reports that Helg Sgarbi, 43, will go on trial today for allegedly blackmailing Germany's richest woman, BMW heiress Susanne Klatten, 46, out of millions of euros. Reportedly the grandson of a forced laborer, Sgarbi's possible motive may have been revenge against Klatten's grandfather, who advised Hitler on economic policy. The lawyer Sgarbi chose, Egon Geiss, 77, made his name defending Nazis and may try to stir up stories from the Nazi past. Supposedly, Sgarbi first bilked Klatten out of $8.8 million by telling her that a US Mafia don was threatening to kill him after accidentally running over the man's daughter in Florida. Klatten delivered, but when she tried to end the affair after admitting it to her husband, Sgarbi sent her compromising pictures of the two of them and asked for $62 million.