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Sydney Leathers Gives Seduction Tips

Ever wondered how to seduce a politician in 10 easy steps? No? Well, Sydney Leathers is here to show you how anyway. In a piece for xoJane, Anthony Weiner's former online sexting partner breaks down her "10 Secrets for Seducing a Politician," which include tidbits like, "When in doubt, use a smiley-face and tell him you actually mean it," as well as quoted text messages from Weiner's alter ego, Carlos Danger. Texts from "Dangr33" range from lovey-dovey ("I love to think about how you look fresh out of bed, getting dressed, all dolled up, seeing the stuff only your lover would see") to painfully explicit ("So I walk in to a hotel room and you are at the end of the bed, naked except for some amazing fuckme shoes...").