Syria: We’ll Let In U.N. Inspectors

The Syrian government said Sunday that it will allow in United Nations’ weapons inspectors to the scene of the alleged chemical attack—and the U.N. hopes to begin as soon as Monday. But a senior official in the Obama administration called out the government of Bashar al-Assad for not allowing inspectors in five days ago when the alleged attack occurred, and said “the belated decision by the regime to grant access to the U.N. team is too late to be credible.” Despite a recent poll that show 60 percent of Americans are against intervention in Syria, two key members of the Senate Foreign Affairs panels said they expect the U.S. to strike Syria. Syria’s two biggest allies in the region, Russia and Iran, said they supported the government’s handling of the matter. The jihadist group al-Nusra Front, which has ties to al Qaeda, vowed revenge for Wednesday’s alleged attack, which is believed to have killed hundreds.