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Syrian Baby Born in Israeli Hospital

“I really don't feel like I'm in an enemy country, everyone is helping me and caring for me."

Syrian mother who gave birth yesterday to the first Syrian baby born in Israel because she was more scared for the well-being of her child than of going to the enemy state.

  • Israel's military advocate: IDF training inside Palestinian villages is legal - Yesh Din files complaint against Israeli military training inside W. Bank villages, after numerous incidents, such as a recent training exercise of how to break into a home, done inside the home of a Hebronite family while they were inside. IDF's Military Advocate General: legality of training is anchored in principles of 'belligerent occupation.' (Haaretz+)
  • Syrian baby born in Israeli hospital - Baby boy is the first born in an Israeli hospital to Syrians fleeing the civil war in their home country. (Haaretz+ and Ynet)
  • Israeli Artillery Corps drone crashes in Gaza Strip - IDF says Skylark-1 spy drone suffered malfunction. Palestinian militants told Maan they shot down the drone. (Haaretz+, Ynet and Maan)
  • Jerusalem mayor and secularists clash over city council portfolios - Hitorerut B'Yerushalayim, the largest secular faction on the city council, is demanding the finance portfolio, which Barkat has already given to a right-wing faction. (Haaretz+)
  • Israeli standardized test scores improve, but gap between rich and poor pupils grows - Among middle-class students, Arabs outscore Jews. (Haaretz+)
  • Paula Abdul: Israel visit is 'most magnificent trip' ever - Former 'American Idol' and 'The X-Factor' judge is on her first trip to Israel, where she is connecting to her Jewish roots and planning on holding a belated Bat Mitzvah. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Montreal Jewish festival cancels panels by anti-Birthright activist - In disinviting Sarah Woolf, Le Mood organizers cite right to deny platform to those who deny Israel's right to exist as Jewish state. (Haaretz+)
  • Report: NSA spied on Israeli military targets - New York Times review based on Snowden documents shows how National Security Agency tracked 'high priority Israeli military targets', including drone aircraft and Black Sparrow missile system. (Ynet)
  • Senior Hezbollah officials: Assad will not respond to Israeli strike - "The Israeli attack will not affect the battle and will not push Assad to respond," said senior Hezbollah officials. A senior European diplomat told the paper that the target for the Israeli attack was to harm the peace conference in Geneva. (Ynet)
  • Kerry in Cairo: U.S. won't allow attacks on its Arab partners - Warning to Iran? Secretary of State specifically mentions Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt as allies. (Agencies, Haaretz)
  • Morsi from jail: Our troubles serve Israeli interests - Al-Watan releases first photos allegedly documenting ousted President Mohamed Morsi in jail. Article reveals three transcripts of conversations held by Morsi with prominent figures. (Ynet)

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