Taco Bell Employee Threatens to Call Cops on Black Couple Ordering Food

A Taco Bell employee in South Florida reportedly refused to take the order of an African-American couple and threatened to call the police on them after claiming she couldn’t speak English. The Miami New-Times reports that when Alexandria Montgomery attempted to order food at the Hialeah Taco Bell this week, the fast-food worker claimed she couldn’t. “Taco Bell in Hialeah racist as f,” Montgomery charged in a Facebook post. “This lady understood what I was saying but didn’t want to take my order talking bout she don’t speak English.” In a video Montgomery recorded, the Taco Bell employee responded to Montgomery’s questions in Spanish and said she couldn’t help the couple, even after they tried ordering from the menu in Spanish. “This is Hialeah, I’m sorry,” the employee said in Spanish. At one point, the employee shut the drive-thru door on them and threatened to call the police. Other employees approached the window, but did not offer to help or take their orders. The couple left without being served, but Montgomery later updated her post to say the employee was fired. A Taco Bell representative told the el Nuevo Herald that the incident did “not meet our customer service expectations,” and the chain “worked quickly to resolve with the customer to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”